Songs of Resistance and Protest: Covid19 will not take my kids childhood

Thanks for fighting for us and sharing some keen insights and wisdom.

I used to think that the day would never come
when my life would depend on the morning sun
The morning sun is the drug that brings me near
To the childhood I lose replaced by fear I used to think that the day would never come
when my life would depend on the morning sun
A few thoughts:

-WE the artists, comedians, painters, sculptors, troubadours reference our culture, times and eras.(Dave Chapelle)

-We are the songs of resistance in oppression and songs of war when jungle tribes go to war and

-"Crisis Leads to Innovation"(Tony Robbins). Nobody wants to see me sing for 30min. Its a show. My 10 yr old son banging away on the djembe --he's never had a lesson--screwing up my timing is what my audience--kids wanna see. He's their little hero some days. Pure joy being his dad

So highlight personality...thats why everyone loves Taylor Swift.

We have way more heart though. Hence my tagline "Kidz Entertainer with Heart"

Trust me. My dearly loved nightclub gigging musicians have to work harder than us kindie folk. Canada has many many grants for Mental Health and Covid19.

We write songs that make kids feel great? Thats trauma-informed care to our children..our music heals, soothes, brings joy to developing minds, hearts and bodies "they sing and dance and get to be our kids in their coronial "great depression" year.


We just gotta write Kick Donkey songs that say what they --our kids are feeling. Not us. Not Billie Eilish. (ok some of her stuff lol).

Take courage Scott D Young and fellow troubadours!
We are writing anthems that are precious. We will make it and I'm praying knock netflix out of the park so our kids can still connect to each other and resilience ... in the dark pandemics and challenges the world can will still throw at us.

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