Mr Rayz Raves

I've seen the kids sing his songs during play
They are excited to go to music
and talk about Mr Rayz all week
Mr Rayz is awesome with the children
University of Calgary Child Care Centres

I use your CD all the time for my
children's ballet classes Its so good
Miss Shannon, Teacher, Southland Leisure Centre

I just mention your name on music days
and the toddlers freak out! They love you!
YWCA Fitness on 5th Child Care Program

If Darius Rucker was a children's musician
this is what he would sound like!

Thank you for the Knights and Princesses event!
My two kiddies had a BLAST.
You mezmorized them as soon as they entered the room
and it was a fabulous hour spent.
We look forward with great anticipation
to the Pirates and Mermaids concert!!!!!! - JP

Mr Rayz - What can I say?
You rocked it! THANK YOU.
Your philosophy was aligned with our day.
Your vibe fit right in!
Your music was excellent!
Your instruments were amazing!
And the kids- and adults- loved you!
Thanks for helping to make our family social and
our I HEART EARTH event such a fun time.
Amy Lister, Fun Day Coordinator
“I ♥ Earth Day” campus preschool/Capitol Hill 

...and His Hello World CD

The CD is awesome!!!! We have been listening
to it all day and Sophie loves it. 
Will really wants to do Fantastic Amazing in church sometime
... and Cuddlebuddy is a new personal fav 

 My kids LOVE LOVE LOVE your CD.....
It's all we've listened to for a WEEK .
... I sure love hearing them in the
back seat of the car singing out
" mom is better then ice cream . " 
We love Hello World, Airplane and Ice cream
By the way..... you REALLY sound like you should be on YO GABBA GABBA
.. I'm serious. The song about picking up your toys ..
.. I can totally see those little costumed things dancing to that !!!!  M.Denman

My daughter (2.5years) listens
to your cd on the drive to dayhome
, the dayhome borrows the cd
for the day, and then we listen to it
on the way home again!
She knows all the words and sings it all the time.
by the way... we can't get your tunes out of our heads! :)

Thanks Mr. Ray we are sooo excited to be carrying your cd.
Our family sings along to it daily and we recommend it to everyone!!!!

we're always singing, 'what are you doing, on my.....'
and then kids are always makin' stuff up. sammy sings this all the time,
and he also sings, hello, hello, all the time I'll get you back for that some day

A lot of the calgary preschools have him coming all the time
so chances are he's at your preschool or school!
He's sung at heritage days, the zoo, shine fest gosh so many places!
Check out his mini concerts they are reasonable to go to and soooo much fun.
Mr. Ray is one the kindest guys we know! Kids are so drawn to his kind spirit and wonderful voice