Oct 4th

Centre For Learning Workshops

Grade 1-3 "What's in a song?" 
download student worksheet pdf here
Grade 4-6"Jungle sounds"      
download student workshop pdf here

Oct 25th

Centre For Learning Workshops

Oct 25th 9-12noon @ First Alliance church   12345 40 St SE Calgary, AB T2Z 4E6

Creative Songwriting Exercises (AB language arts, music)

Grade 1-3 "Something to Sing About" download student workshop pdf here

Grade 4-6"Whats your song? Songwriting your own stories"
download student workshop pdf here

CFL original songs!

Here are two song verses we wrote during our "something to sing about workshop"
on October 25th at the SW Connecter
Thanks to the awesome CFL singers and songwriters: Hugh, Cassidy, Gui, Yireh, Caisha,Trista, and  Angelique!

In this section we learned about  parallelism and writing an "A A" song with rhyming lyrics:

Dec 14th-eLive Xmas music

Dec 14th, 2012
CFL eLive Christmas Music Playalong

Learn some christmas carols and songs. music notation and chording provided. Download the powerpoint and workshop pdf here.
This recorded session will be online at www.centreforlearning@home.com